When you’re ready to turn your dream kitchen into reality, what should you expect? What does that process look like? Admittedly, we can’t answer for every kitchen remodeling contractor but we can help you understand what you should be able to expect—how the process works with our company.

Let’s also clarify we’re approaching this topic from the perspective that you are seeking a quality custom kitchen remodel because dream kitchens don’t typically come in canned package deals like you see on billboards.

One of the primary things every reputable contractor will tell you is your kitchen is subject to the highest environmental demands of any room in your home. Heat, humidity, steam, water, electrical safety, etc. If you live in an “older” home, you should expect some restructuring to meet codes and improve your long term satisfaction.

Because of the environmental conditions and rapid changes that occur while using your kitchen, that will test the quality of the materials used. Many homeowners have experienced the joy of saving big money only to have their beautiful new kitchen reveal its poor quality in a matter of months.

The subject of choosing your materials and design choices is probably the most mind numbing. An experienced custom remodeler will help you retain the joy of planning your dream kitchen by helping you navigate the sea of choices rather than getting overwhelmed by them. Their expertise is invaluable in helping you make informed decisions.

Part of the process with any good remodeler is gaining an understanding of every aspect of your project. Much of that will be what you expect like learning about your likes and dislikes. But the more in depth they go, the better your new kitchen will be. You should expect a comprehensive interview with the contractor or be very apprehensive if that doesn’t happen.

What about the disruption and mess during construction?

That’s an issue subject to the contractor you choose. It is recommended you verify the experience of other homeowners who’ve hired the contractor you’re considering. The disruption to your life and the temporary unsightliness of a kitchen remodeling project are unavoidable but there are ways to minimize it. A conscientious contractor will cordon off the work area and keep your home clean during construction.

You will also be given a detailed schedule and time frame for completion so you can plan accordingly. This is also where we can a boast about our policy that your project is the ONLY one we’ll be working on to minimize your inconvenience during construction. Find out more about our process.

All in all, it’s an exciting change in your life. You’ll be thrilled with the results and experiencing a new kitchen that satisfies for years, even decades. Just be sure to do your due diligence and choose your contractor carefully. By reading this post, you’ve already taken an important step in that direction.

Before and After Example of a Remodeled Kitchen

Picture of outdated kitchen before remodeling Stunning transformation of kitchen after custom remodeling

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