What exactly is aging in place (or accessibility) remodeling? The terms are well enough known in the construction and remodeling industry, but many homeowners wouldn’t know these terms until they try to find the service and happen to stumble on them while looking with more homeowner friendly terms. Those terms serve to answer the question too.

Here are some search terms you might use when trying to find aging in place remodeling:

  • Room addition for aging parent to move in
  • Remodel home for aged parent to move in
  • Remodel bathroom for safe wheelchair or walker use
  • Remodel home instead of moving to facility
  • New shower to reduce risk of falling
  • Remodel home to live independently as long as possible

Maybe you even found this post by using a search term like that and it’s possible this is the first time you’ve heard the term aging in place. It’s more though than just adding safety bars in the shower and around the toilet, and it’s considerably more to the homeowner who gets to maintain the independence of living at home, potentially for life.

Each situation is different and every home has its own unique set of characteristics. It’s recommended that you plan any aging in place remodeling project with a specialist who can address the custom needs you face. When wheelchairs or walkers are being used, doors and hallways should be widened for maximum safety because they pose some of the most dangerous falling hazards. Flooring material is best standardized and should be chosen carefully.

Many other home modifications are ones you could easily predict would be needed, like the safety bars. Curbless or barrier-free showers are pretty much standard issue. Think about the kitchen remodeling. Lowering the kitchen sink is beneficial to permit sitting or wheelchair access. Cabinetry should allow easy opening and closing as well as limit the need to reach up. There are now some wonderful designs on the market.

In addition to the priceless value of remaining independent at home without your relatives having to worry, making modifications to your home offers cost advantages too. Care facilities run up an expensive tab very quickly and no matter how nice they are, they’re still not like home. It just makes economic sense to stay in your home as long as you can.

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