Custom Tile and Shower for Your Bathroom

Custom shower with custom tile

One of the ultimate luxury experiences you can provide for yourself is a custom shower with every amenity you could ever dream of; and some you may not know you could dream of. Another advantage to this investment in your well being is you get to enjoy the experience every time you take a shower. However, having a custom shower designed and created is not without challenges and the need…

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Ever Thought About a Steam Shower?

Looking to remodel your bathroom? How about a Steam Shower. What is it? Steam showers provided a wonderful spa like experience. A steam shower consists of a steam generation unit that can be placed somewhere inside the bathroom or in the attic. Steam is then pumped in to your shower thru a carefully placed outlet. With many of these outlets you can place some of your favorite aroma therapy oil…

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Getting Started On Your Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom can be a very exciting, though often stressful, process. If you take the time to plan your remodel ahead of time, it allows for greater communication between you and the remodeler of your choosing. The more info that you can provide for them the better they can get a handle on what you want and need. More so having a firm idea of what you want will help to them…

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