Uniquely Centered On You

The best way to summarize all of our remodeling and construction services is that you are at the center of them. Every project is done one at a time. We don’t balance multiple projects at once, we focus on yours and only yours until it is completed in a uniquely you fashion. To say we treat your project as an art form is accurate, but not enough. It’s an art form that helps you express yourself truthfully.

Kitchen Remodeling

It’s not just you that spends time in your kitchen or gets to appreciate it. Inevitably, all your most valued guests will get to experience it. And experience it they will. That’s what we help you create—an experience. Canned kitchens are someone else’s solution, not yours. There’s simply no substitute for the lasting value of a kitchen custom designed and remodeled for your exact needs and preferences.


Bathroom Remodeling

Size doesn’t matter. Expressive bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you need to revamp a traditional (smaller) bathroom, explore the possibility of enlarging and remodeling an existing bathroom, or even convert a room that is not currently a bathroom, we transform your dreams into reality.


Aging in Place (Accessibility Remodeling)

The term aging is ironically applied only to those who are older in the aging process but the truth is, every human being is aging from birth forward. Throughout the aging process, your needs change. Whatever life stage you are at, your spirit never ages and your need for dignity never subsides. Aging in place remodeling is simply a means to help assure you can live safely and independently in your home for as long as possible. This is one of our primary specialties.


Custom Showers

Shower stalls have been seriously redefined in recent years. It used to be they were merely a cubicle or bathtub with a shower head and limited storage space for showering necessities. Wow, things have changed for the better! Let us help you design a custom shower facility that brings your shower experience to levels you may not have yet imagined.


Custom Tile Work

Custom tile work is one of the defining advantages offered by N. Huckins Construction. Whether it’s floor tile, wall tile, or the custom showers mentioned above, we remain true to the ancient art of custom tile work and integrate modern advancements. Cheap tile work fails in as little as a few months while true craftsmanship survives centuries. You may not need yours to survive 2000 years but it will be nice for you to know it potentially could.


Additions and Renovations

As mentioned below, one of the original purposes of N. Huckins Construction was to provide new home construction. This skill and expertise is especially useful in expanding your home by performing additions and renovations. It’s an ideal way to offer more living space without the hassle of moving or building from the ground up.


New Home Construction

N. Huckins Construction was established as a new home builder. It’s no secret that new home construction has diminished greatly. Although our primary focus has shifted to remodeling because it’s a natural progression with our home building skill, we still easily revert to our original heritage so we can create a total home environment that doesn’t require working within the confines of an existing home. We welcome the opportunity to custom build to your every need from below ground on up.


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