Common Questions about N Huckins Construction

As N Huckins Construction continues to grow, we continue to meet new potential clients almost daily. This is all possible from referrals from happy customers and people that have found us on the web. With each new person there always seems to be the same similar questions asked about our company and what we do.  Being our goal is to educate our customers about the construction process; we have decided to write down in a Q&A type format some of these questions. With these questions and answers, you as another potential success story can make and educated decision about your next project.


Are you licensed to do the work we want?

  • Yes! We’re state licensed as a residential builder. These licenses allow us to both build a new home, remodel, and add onto an existing home.

Are you insured?

  •  Yes! We carry adequate Liability Insurance as well as commercial auto insurance.

Have you ever had a claim filed against you?

  •  No we have never had to claim anything against our insurance or to the state concerning any of our work; we pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time.

How long have you been doing construction?

  •  12 Years

What makes you different than all these other contractors?

  •  The bottom line is we care! We care about the safety of your family, we care about your project and we care about your house.

Ok so you care, but how do you care?

  • First off with any project we know that there will be a significant amount of money changing hands. We also know that you work hard for your money and for most people it does not come easily. That’s why we take pride in our systems; by following these systems we can help you get the biggest bang for your dollar while keeping the project on budget.
  • Understanding that your home is a place where you and your family live, relax, and consider a safe place, we maintain strict standards on who we let work on your project. We only hire professional employees and subs. There will be no sagging pants, excessive swearing, loud or vulgar music, or any other behavior that does not meet our strict company standards.
  • We sit down and listen to what you want and need and then discuss in detail how we are going to reach those results. By doing this everyone is on the same page.
  • We keep meticulous documentation of all project related aspects allowing us to keep track of all the who, what, where and whens of your project.
  • We are up to date on modern building technics and products so we can ensure you are getting the best finished product possible.

Are you one of those companies that just offer a few packages, with a few different selections?

  • No, we are in the truest form, a custom builder/remodeler no two projects are the same. Everything we do is based on YOU, what you need and what you want. We can take your dream plan it out and make it a reality.

How will you handle clean up?

  • Once again yours and your family’s safety is most important. We provide meticulous clean up every day, both at the end of the day and while we’re working thru ought the day. While working we employ many dustless remodeling technics from, dust walls, air scrubbers, and vacuum assisted tools and many others that greatly reduce dust migration. Any materials stored on site will be neat and organized. After completion your house will be left in equal to or better condition that when we got it.


As you can imagine that we can’t possibly answer everybody’s questions. Every project and everybody is different. I highly encourage you to reach out to us and see why we are quickly becoming peoples go to contractor on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. You can reach us by calling 228-224-4122 or fill out our contact us form.

About the author

At N Huckins Construction, we believe in consistently delivering quality workmanship and a superior customer experience. We specialize in remodeling, room additions, new home construction and bathroom and kitchen redesign on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Our goal is to ensure your remodeling or new construction project meets all of your needs.