One of the ultimate luxury experiences you can provide for yourself is a custom shower with every amenity you could ever dream of; and some you may not know you could dream of. Another advantage to this investment in your well being is you get to enjoy the experience every time you take a shower.

However, having a custom shower designed and created is not without challenges and the need for due diligence before selecting a contractor. Due to the price difference between a custom shower and a more standardized option, contractors with the experience and skill are no more common than custom showers themselves.

If you’re in our gulf coast Mississippi service area, the solution is easy. At the risk of a shameless self promotional plug, custom showers and custom tiling expertise are among our specialties. We can offer tile options you won’t find in the mass market. We don’t do high volume, we do only custom remodeling and only for one homeowner at a time.

If you’re not in our service area, you’ll need to go beyond trusting the ratings on sites that ask you to submit your information to them and they pass it on to contractors for you. Those rating systems have been shown to be flawed and many homeowners have ended up with the nightmares they trusted these services to prevent.

This isn’t really about what to avoid but what to look for. Obviously, experience is required so the verifiable portfolio of a contractor is important. Look at projects they’ve done and the experience of the homeowners who’ve hired them. Yes, this is an intuitive step to take but it would still be irresponsible of us not to top the list with it.

While you’re preparing to have a custom shower designed and built, cast aside the common practice of “getting bids” and “conduct interviews” instead. By its very nature, custom design and remodeling requires that the contractor have a clear understanding of how they can achieve something that is truly you.

Be sure they are not trying to sell you. A qualified custom contractor will ask a number of questions so they can understand you. Only then can they offer solutions and options to help you plan your perfect custom shower with tiling you can marvel at as you shower in the luxury and personal unwinding space of the finished result.

Be sure to review our Custom Shower Design and Construction page to see examples and get more ideas and inspiration for your own custom shower.

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