Independent Living Home Modifications

Helping elderly and disabled live safely and independently at home

Home modifications for elderly/seniors and people with disabilities is first of all our specialty but more importantly, it’s about your safety, dignity, and independence. It is officially dubbed “aging in place remodeling” but you may or may not be familiar with that term depending on the stage you are at in your quest to have the needed modifications made to your home. The first item listed above stating it’s about…

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Custom Tile and Shower for Your Bathroom

Custom shower with custom tile

One of the ultimate luxury experiences you can provide for yourself is a custom shower with every amenity you could ever dream of; and some you may not know you could dream of. Another advantage to this investment in your well being is you get to enjoy the experience every time you take a shower. However, having a custom shower designed and created is not without challenges and the need…

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What to Expect When Doing a Kitchen Remodel

Custom remodeled kitchen project

When you’re ready to turn your dream kitchen into reality, what should you expect? What does that process look like? Admittedly, we can’t answer for every kitchen remodeling contractor but we can help you understand what you should be able to expect—how the process works with our company. Let’s also clarify we’re approaching this topic from the perspective that you are seeking a quality custom kitchen remodel because dream kitchens…

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Accessible Kitchen Design and Remodeling

Accessible kitchen design and remodeling for independent living

Designing a kitchen so homeowners can live independently at home requires one principle that stands highly above all the vast design choices that will easily make your head swim when trying to create your kitchen. That is, it must accommodate the homeowner the kitchen is being designed and remodeled for. Everyone’s needs are different. We could maybe blow our horn at this point since N. Huckins Construction is all about…

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What is Aging in Place Remodeling?

This accessible shower stall showcases custom tile work as well as barrier free design

What exactly is aging in place (or accessibility) remodeling? The terms are well enough known in the construction and remodeling industry, but many homeowners wouldn’t know these terms until they try to find the service and happen to stumble on them while looking with more homeowner friendly terms. Those terms serve to answer the question too. Here are some search terms you might use when trying to find aging in…

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Ever Thought About a Steam Shower?

Looking to remodel your bathroom? How about a Steam Shower. What is it? Steam showers provided a wonderful spa like experience. A steam shower consists of a steam generation unit that can be placed somewhere inside the bathroom or in the attic. Steam is then pumped in to your shower thru a carefully placed outlet. With many of these outlets you can place some of your favorite aroma therapy oil…

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Getting Started On Your Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom can be a very exciting, though often stressful, process. If you take the time to plan your remodel ahead of time, it allows for greater communication between you and the remodeler of your choosing. The more info that you can provide for them the better they can get a handle on what you want and need. More so having a firm idea of what you want will help to them…

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Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Prices

As a courtesy to anyone considering a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we have listed some pricing info below. Use this price list as guide to start your project planning. No two projects are the same and therefore cannot be set to any one category. Call or Email N Huckins Construction today, we would be excited to discuss, plan, and make your remodeling project a…

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